What Makes Mike And Molly A Hit Show

Posted on 20 July 2013

With nearly 70 percent of the adult population in the United States weighing above the recommended weight, a television show with obese main characters is bound to be a hit. Mike and Molly are not just fat, they are professionals. Mike is a police officer and Molly is a grade-school teacher. They are funny and likable people with family members that resemble our own families.

Mike’s mom loves him a little too much and doesn’t really want to share him with Molly. Molly’s sister smokes a little too much marijuana. Mike Read the rest of this entry »

What Makes Television Viewers Want To Watch?

Posted on 29 May 2013

Television networks are often put to the task of finding out what makes viewers want to watch their shows. While everyone has a different taste in shows, television networks have discovered three main ingredients that make television viewers want to watch:


A little drama goes a long way in the television world. Whether the drama is part of a reality show or soap opera, people love to see actors get emotional on television. A good show should always have a little crying and some yelling mixed into the plot.

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Reasons That Television Programs Get Interrupted

Posted on 8 April 2013

There’s nothing quite as agonizing as waiting for your favorite show to come back from hiatus. During the writer’s strike in 2007-2008, nearly every major television show was on hold while the writers for these shows demanded better pay and recognition for their work. For the viewers, this meant weeks spent anticipating the return of beloved shows. Though the writer’s strike is a thing of the past, there are still times when people find themselves wondering when their show will be back.

Common excuses Read the rest of this entry »

Young TV Shows You Hope Grow Old

Posted on 10 December 2012

TV shows have a fickle lifespan. Some don’t make it out of pilot season, and others have decade-long runs. Few things are more exciting than a TV show coming out of its first season with tons of momentum and tons of potential. Since you can now watch shows on TV and online with a fast Internet connection like satellitestarinternet.com/hughesnet_plans_pricing.html, hopefully you can let it be known which shows you want to see blossom into long-lasting series. Here’s a look at some young TV shows that we hope have a long and prosperous life:

  1. Downton Abbey. This English period drama had Americans hooked from the moment the Titanic sank and with it sank Lord Grantham’s two heirs. The robust script and masterful performances, most notable the fantastic Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess, keep audiences clamoring for more – even though it’s only ran two seasons. The third season is already on TV screens overseas, but Americans have to wait until January to see what’s in store. With last season’s WWI battles, Spanish Influenza epidemic and marriage proposals, we can’t wait to see what the Crawley family is up to (hopefully) during the rest of the roaring 20s.
  2. Homeland. Who doesn’t love the combination of espionage and mental instability? Clare Danes leads this powerhouse government drama which is currently in its second season. After a captivating debut, and a few Emmy wins, Homeland has become a must-see in the second half of 2012. If the plots stay semi-sane (think: early 24), then there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to see Homeland blossom into its teen years.
  3. New Girl. Fox has produced some great comedies the past few years, most notably Glee. However, there’s a new show on the block, New Girl. Sweet songstress Zooey Deschanel channels her geek-chic persona to anchor this fun, upbeat comedy about her and her male roommates. The comedic timing and chemistry worked to bring New Girl into its second season. Hopefully the New Girl crew can give Zooey’s sister (Emily Deschanel, who stars on another of Fox’s shows, Bones) a run for her money for years to come.

Differences On Two And A Half Men Now

Posted on 19 September 2012

One of network television’s biggest comedy successes over the last decade, CBS’ Two and a Half Men, continues to thrive despite the exit of the show’s star, Charlie Sheen. Sheen’s personal issues, including three stints in drug rehabilitation, led to the program’s producers suspending filming during Season 8. After weeks of rumor and speculation, CBS announced that Sheen’s contract had been terminated, and the future of the hit program remained in limbo.

Following two months of virtual silence (other than from Sheen) it was announced that Ashton Kutcher Read the rest of this entry »

Ratings For Two And A Half Men

Posted on 15 September 2012

It seems like the Two And A Half Men has seen better days. The ratings have not been great ever since Charlie Sheen departed from the show over a year ago. It was reported that the show received a 3.5 rating, which is a low for the series.

Many are even wondering how long the show can continue at this rate. They produce quality episodes from time to time, but it seems like the show isn’t the same without Charlie Sheen. However, compared to other shows, Two And A Half Men still holds Read the rest of this entry »

Most Popular Televisions Shows That Have Aired

Posted on 11 September 2012

The most popular Televisions Shows have been part of all of our lives. They have created many American Family Memories. For me one of my fondest memories of my grandparents was sitting with them and listening to the Lawrence Welk show. I learned to love big band music from them. I remember my grandfather humming along and tapping his toes. I couldn’t wait for the Ed Sullivan show and see the talents of the day. It was certainly the forrunner for American Idol, and America’s Got Talent we watch today. Did you run at five Read the rest of this entry »

How Producers Choose What Shows To Air

Posted on 9 September 2012

Choosing Shows To Air
Producers have a weighty responsibility to balance the cost of producing shows with the return investment for their sponsors and production company. This is how producers choose what shows to air.

The Other Factor In Choosing Shows To Air
Hidden behind a producer’s responsibility to his production company and sponsors is public opinion. It’s the producer’s job to select shows they feel will be a hit with the public. This is one reason for pilot programs. Pilot programs help gauge public interest without commitment to a long-term contract for a show Read the rest of this entry »

How Television Stations Figure Out Ratings

Posted on 5 September 2012

Television shows love getting feedback from their audience. It lets them know what people want and don’t want in an entertainment show. The question today is how do they figure out these ratings? There are several ways television stations can do this.

One method these television stations and services use is take a sample, around 5,000 randomly-selected households, and get statistical information from that sample. With over 90 million television systems set up all over the United States, it’s not a very big sample. However, the sample gives television services the data they need. Read the rest of this entry »